Nintendo Force Magazine - Iwata Tribute (Balloon Fight and Pokemon Sections)
Sean hicks pokemon varient

Iwata played a big role for Pokemon Gold & Silver by merging the regions from the past games into the new ones. I illustrated this task by having Iwata introduce the starter pokemon from the different regions to one another.

Sean hicks ballon fighter

One of the first game Iwata worked on: Balloon Fight. I wanted to capture the style and essence of the original Balloon Fight artwork seen on box art or cartridges. It was fun drawing Iwata in this style.

Sean hicks iwata cover

The final illustration for the tribute magazine issue.

Nintendo Force Magazine Iwata Tribute Cover: Time Lapse

Nintendo Force Magazine - Iwata Tribute (Balloon Fight and Pokemon Sections)

This was a magazine cover for Nintendo Force; illustrated by Omni Jacala, Chris Szczesiul, and myself. I worked on the Pokemon and Balloon Fight sections for this collaboration. The cover was made in tribute to Satoru Iwata- celebrating his most well known achievements in gaming as well as his passion for video games. You can check out the cover, and more at the link below:

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