Kippi the Conqueror: Beyond the Clouds (Children's Book)
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Illustration Spread (Pg. 1-2)

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Illustration Spread (Pg. 3-4)

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Illustration Spread (Pg. 5-6)

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Illustration Spread (Pg. 7-8)

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My personal goal was to make the book act as a color script- making the colors fit the words and mood of the story as the reader went along

Sean hicks kippifrontbackbookcover

The illustration spread made for the back and front cover of the children's book.

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Book cover illustrations with title and description; word formatting by Kady Oliker

Kippi the Conqueror: Beyond the Clouds (Children's Book)

I was the illustrator for the children's book titled Kippi the Conqueror: Beyond the Clouds. Kady Oliker is the talented author and handled the word formatting for the art. The book tackles the topic of losing a loved one, and coping with their passing. This is my first children book I illustrated for- and hopefully more to come! You can find the book on amazon for both a physical copy and a digital/kindle version! Partial proceeds from Kippi's first adventure will go to support the Foundation for Grieving Children.

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