Super Mario Sunshine X Splatoon Crossover Part 2 (Unofficial Project)

I created these series of concepts and illustrations that merges two video game universes together: Super Mario Sunshine and Splatoon. These are not official concepts for the Nintendo franchises, but more so a fun idea and exercise. A "what if this were to happen" sort of thing! It eventually became known as "Splatshine".

Sean hicks splatshine wiggler boss

Most bosses in Splatoon have a mechanical feel to them that is mixed with octopus characters. For one of the crossover's boss battle, I combined that element with a boss from Super Mario Sunshine: Wiggler.

Sean hicks splatshine wiggler boss sketches

Brainstorming sketches of the crossover boss's design. I used a Wiggler from the Mario series as a base- then designed around that to fit within the Splatoon world.