Super Mario Sunshine X Splatoon Crossover Part 1 (Unofficial Project)
Sean hicks ocoty petey battle

Villains from both worlds merge into one: Octo Petey. This piece showcases the battle environment as well as the boss; displaying how the character would move around the sunken building with the ink streams. Don't fall in the polluted water!

Sean hicks boss battle

An (unofficial) illustration; I wanted to make it feel like it was a real promo for this theoretical crossover of Super Mario Sunshine and Splatoon.

Sean hicks mario and squid

A painting of Mario and his "squid" form. The squid form was based off of the Gooper Blooper: a boss from the game, Super Mario Sunshine. I tried to make sure the theme or references of the game stayed intact for the crossover.

Sean hicks thumbnails

Some of the preliminaries for making the Octo Petey boss fight.

Super Mario Sunshine X Splatoon Crossover Part 1 (Unofficial Project)

I created these series of concepts and illustrations that merges two video game universes together: Super Mario Sunshine and Splatoon. These are not official concepts for the Nintendo franchises, but more so a fun idea and exercise. A "what if this were to happen" sort of thing! It eventually became known as "Splatshine".

More artwork
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